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Play .io games online for free

Here we offer a collection of free io games (sometimes called dot io games). In these games, you can challenge other online players in the gaming arena. All games on this page are browser games. This means that you can open and play them directly in the window of your internet browser. In other words, you can start right away, so you don't have to download any files to play. This website is specific to our collection of .io games.

What are Dot IO games

Dot IO games are a type of real-time multiplayer games. They are usually very casual, with short rounds of play. Players compete against each other in a large battle arena. The goal is usually to survive as long as possible. The .io in the title of the game refers to the country code of the internet domain assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory. However, the .io domain is often used for projects unrelated to this geographic area, such as open source projects and gaming.

How to play IO games

Most .io games are about staying alive as long as possible and getting your character as big as possible. The player usually starts out as a small creature or figure, for example a small glowworm, a fish, a single cell, and so on. By collecting dots and eating other players, the player can make his character grow. The player's character can usually only eat figures that are smaller, and can actually be eaten by figures that are larger. However, in some games, characters have to make a certain move to defeat their opponents, such as hitting them with a weapon. Larger characters usually still have an advantage because they are often stronger and have a longer range.

Team play IO games

Some .io games also allow players to play as a group in the same arena by using a room code. This way, a group of friends can enter the same room and work together to ambush much bigger players.

Different kinds of IO games

Dot IO games span many different genres. You can try to race down a giant water slide with other players in the game Aquapark.io, or gobble up a city in the game Hole.io. You can compete with other players to conquer as much territory as possible in Paper.io 2, or become a Pirate in the sea adventure game Grogg.io. There are many other fun games to enjoy. Take a look around, and we hope you enjoy playing these games!