A war is about to begin in Will you beat your opponents or let them dust you off in this exciting .io game?

Challenge other players from all over the world in this fighting game while controlling an archer. He will need to make some friends and soon! Collect as many other archers as you can before trying to take out the other players’ clans.

The tallest person still standing at the end of each round wins! There are also coins you can earn to unlock cool outfits in between battles.

How do you play

Lead a clan of archers to victory in this intense aim and shoot game. You need to collect as many as possible while trying to take out your opponents. The largest clan still standing at the end of each round is declared the winner.

LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to control your archer.
MOVE THE MOUSE to guide him across the battlefield. He and his fellow archers will automatically fire their arrows when you confront other clans.

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