is a 3D animal life simulation game. Swim across the lake with your duck and collect as many baby ducks as you can that mysteriously emerge from the depths. Touch the ducks to make them swim after you and lead them to your nest. The more pullets you collect, the bigger and more beautiful your nest will be. Dodge the reckless boats, they will hurt you. Upgrade your home by retrieving more ducklings and get the best looking nest in the pond. Show off your nest by inviting your friends to your pond! Share the room code and start a co-op game of ducklings. There’s no limit to the amount of friends you can invite, so create the biggest duck army possible.

How do you play

Other players also swim around to collect baby ducks. While players can also steal pullovers from each other, there’s a far greater danger on the lake: boats! Watch out that your ducks don’t get hit by the passing rowboats and speedboats.

Move your mouse to make the duck swim.You can also use WASD or the arrow keys.

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