Sail the seven seas with your drunken captain in, a cool 3D pirate io game. You have a shovel, a pirate boat, and some cannons. Venture out to gain fame as a notorious pirate and sail the entire world map in search of hidden treasures. Come ashore as you discover new islets, and dig the ground with your shovel to find and dig out the treasure chests. Like a real pirate, you love the rum-and-water drink ‘grogg’. Fight the other pirates in a series of thrilling naval battles for rum, fame and riches! The more grogg you acquire, the greater the fame. Become the most illustrious (and also the most drunken) pirate to ever sail the seas and survive the adventure to be remembered!

Walk around using WASD or the arrow keys. LMB for shooting cannonballs, RMB to dig for loot. Open inventory by pressing TAB or the inventory button – drop [Q] or use [E] items while the inventory is open.

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